Saudi Minister Unveils Plans for International Center of AI Research and Ethics

Saudi Minister Unveils Plans for International Center of AI Research and Ethics

By Staff Writer, 14 November 2023

Riyadh is gearing up for the inauguration of a cutting-edge artificial intelligence center with a distinct focus on promoting ethics in advanced technologies and shaping sector policies across the Gulf region.

The announcement of the International Center for Artificial Intelligence Research and Ethics was made by Saudi Minister of Culture Prince Badr Bin Farhan during the 42nd session of UNESCO's General Conference in Paris on November, 11th.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had given the green light to this initiative in June, aiming to bolster competencies and legislative frameworks in the realm of AI and other advanced technologies.

Initially proposed to UNESCO in March 2022, the International Center for AI Research and Ethics gained support from Kuwait and Oman.

Operating with legal personality and financial and administrative independence, the center, as per the Saudi Press Agency, is dedicated to nurturing the growth of advanced technologies, particularly AI, within the Kingdom.

Earlier projections by global consultancy firm PwC this year indicated that AI could contribute a substantial $135 billion to the Saudi economy by 2030.

This forecast positions Saudi Arabia as the primary beneficiary of technology advancements in the Middle East.

PwC's report stated, "In absolute terms, the largest gains are expected to accrue to Saudi Arabia where AI is expected to contribute over $135.2 billion in 2030 to the economy, equivalent to 12.4 percent of the gross domestic product."

In June, Saudi Arabia took another step in embracing technology by establishing the Global Cybersecurity Forum Institute in Riyadh.

This initiative aims to harness the potential of cyberspace while supporting global efforts to enhance cybersecurity.

The institute, according to a report by SPA, will host an annual global security forum, bringing together experts and decision-makers from around the world to deliberate ways to protect vulnerable entities in cyberspace while maximizing its benefits for all.

As Saudi Arabia continues its strides in advanced technologies, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella, in a recent interview with Arab News, highlighted the country's significant increase in productivity due to its push toward artificial intelligence.

"Especially with the age of AI coming, this is a fantastic time for us to bring world-class technology to Saudi Arabia so that it can create world-class technology for the world," Nadella stated.

He also emphasized that leveraging the advantages of AI could enhance productivity for small businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Arab News

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