Saudi Arabia Unveils Ambitious Megaproject with 11km Canal near Jeddah

Saudi Arabia Unveils Ambitious Megaproject with 11km Canal near Jeddah

By Staff Writer, 15 January 2024

Roshn Group, the largest real estate developer in Saudi Arabia owned by the kingdom's Public Investment Fund, has launched Marafy, a sprawling mixed-use megaproject situated north of Jeddah.

Once completed, Marafy is set to accommodate over 130,000 residents, marking a major stride in the kingdom's urban development initiatives.

The centerpiece of this ambitious project is an 11-kilometer-wide navigable canal, a pioneering endeavor in Saudi Arabia.

Flanked by picturesque promenades, the canal will traverse through various residential and commercial districts, creating a waterfront on par with global counterparts such as Chicago, Hamburg, and central London, as reported by Roshn Group officials.

Adding to its significance, the canal will feature water taxis and offer a direct link to King Abdulaziz International Airport, providing a seamless and efficient transportation system.

The horseshoe-shaped waterway will be intricately connected to Obhur Creek, ultimately flowing into the Red Sea, positioning Marafy strategically near the under-construction Jeddah Tower.

While details regarding the project's cost and the anticipated completion date remain undisclosed, the launch of Marafy underscores Saudi Arabia's commitment to fostering large-scale infrastructure projects and enhancing its urban landscape.

This visionary initiative not only promises to reshape the skyline of Jeddah but also signifies a milestone in the kingdom's drive towards sustainable and innovative urban development.

Source: The National

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