Saudi Logistics Services (SAL) Propels National Logistics Agenda with New Jeddah Islamic Port Facility

Saudi Logistics Services (SAL) Propels National Logistics Agenda with New Jeddah Islamic Port Facility

By Staff Writer, 20 November 2023

To enhance the maritime and air connectivity of the kingdom, Saudi Logistics Services (SAL) has signed a contract with Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) to establish a logistics park at Jeddah Islamic Port, which will cover a total area of 54,000 square meters.

Aligned with SAL's overarching vision, the strategic partnership reflects the company's comprehensive strategy to diversify its portfolio within the logistics sector.

The newly planned facility, equipped with cutting-edge cargo handling and logistics solutions, is poised to position SAL as the National Logistics Champion, marking a significant milestone in the fulfillment industry.

The formalization of the agreement took place at a ceremony held at Jeddah Islamic Port, with Mawani President Omar bin Talal Hariri and SAL Managing Director & CEO Faisal bin Saad bin Albedah signing the deal.

Hariri expressed confidence in the transformative impact of the logistics park, emphasizing its role in advancing the goals outlined in the Saudi National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services.

The initiative aims to elevate the Kingdom's global standing as a logistics hub connecting three continents.

Jeddah Islamic Port, recognized as the largest port on the Red Sea, holds premier positions in transit trade, container handling, and cargo operations.

Hariri highlighted the port's numerous accolades, including the prestigious 'Port of the Year' and 'Advanced Infrastructure' awards in the 'Landmarks in Logistics 2023' awards in the UAE.

The port also secured the 'Best Port' accolade at the 2022 International Green Shipping Summit Awards.

Furthermore, it claimed the eighth spot globally in the Container Ports Performance Index for 2021, issued by the World Bank, underscoring its excellence in operational performance, infrastructure development, and integrated logistics areas.

The collaboration between SAL and Mawani represents a strategic leap toward realizing the Kingdom's ambitions in the dynamic realm of transport and logistics.

Source: TradeArabia

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