Roboost, an Egyptian Delivery Management Startup, has Secured a Partnership with McDonald's

Roboost, an Egyptian Delivery Management Startup, has Secured a Partnership with McDonald's

By Staff Writer, 13 October 2023

Egyptian startup Roboost, specializing in delivery management, has entered into a partnership with McDonald’s Egypt to automate the final leg of the fast-food giant's delivery process.

This collaboration aims to streamline operations prior to delivery and reduce manual interventions.

Founded in 2020, Roboost utilizes AI to digitally replicate real-world delivery operations, continuously learning and optimizing various aspects of the process.

Having secured significant funding in a six-figure round in the previous year, the startup's objective is to empower businesses in retail, e-commerce, cloud kitchens, and delivery services by simplifying and enhancing their control over delivery operations, providing valuable real-time data.

Roboost, in collaboration with McDonald’s Egypt, is set to revolutionize its delivery operations by implementing a comprehensive automation solution.

This strategic partnership aims to optimize the entire delivery cycle, ensuring swift deliveries and offering valuable operational insights for an enhanced customer experience.

The AI-powered solution will facilitate route optimization, even in areas lacking digital location data, leading to increased productivity and maintaining McDonald’s Egypt’s reputation for speedy and reliable deliveries.

Both companies anticipate that this collaboration will set new industry standards in the regional delivery market, underscoring their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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