Roboost Secures $3 Million Funding for AI-Driven Delivery Automation Expansion

Roboost Secures $3 Million Funding for AI-Driven Delivery Automation Expansion

By Press Release, 31 January 2024

The AI-powered logistics startup Roboost closed a $3 million investment round led by Silicon Badia, with participation from RZM Investment, Flat6Labs, and Saudi Angel Investors.

The new round of funding will be used to fuel the company’s next phase of regional expansion. 

Roboost, the delivery management SaaS solution and AI operations copilot, helped fully automate home delivery operations for major brands including McDonald's Egypt and Kuwait, Buffalo Burger, El Ezaby Pharmacies, and Jumlaty across regional markets including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, and Tunisia. Roboost has built a renowned reputation among a variety of industries like pharmacies, supermarkets, and even diagnostics. 

By leveraging proprietary machine learning, Roboost has set standard-defining best practices, through the introduction of pre-delivery technology, offering precision auto-dispatching thanks to automated key in store decisions as well as “smart routes” for riders based on text addresses, ideal for the 70% of orders made offline.

In addition to real-time dynamic fleet payroll, and customer insights from heat-maps and analytics to help enhance customer satisfaction.

Roboost also dives deeper into operations with AI fleet control ensuring advanced fraud detection. 

Powering over 15,000 delivery drivers, and serving nearly 10 million unique customers, and automating more than 40 million orders, Roboost has helped customers double delivery speed by cutting out inefficiencies, with task automation reaching 99.8%, while also lowering order returns by over 80% and operational costs by 30%.

And with enhanced control over the fleet's journey, customers' experienced and increase in average driver productivity by 40% and fraud levels below 5%. 

Roboost has already achieved great success with 400% YoY revenue growth and plans to use the investment to carry over this accomplishment across the MENA region‘s entire delivery market while also expanding their e-commerce and middle-mile offerings with more tailored automated solutions. 

"We're excited to back a game-changer in the delivery management space. This SaaS solution stands out in a sector ripe for disruption, by automating the full spectrum of the delivery process. It provides a unique value proposition to all stakeholders alike, including brand/store managers, delivery agents, and end customers” said Hossam Shafick, Investor at Silicon Badia, “Our investment is a testament to our belief in the team's vision and capabilities, and we are eager to support their journey towards regional and global success." 

"This investment enables us to bring Roboost’s transformative power to businesses across the MENA region and propel the next phase of our growth, by making Roboost the copilot for any enterprise's delivery operations," said Mohamed Gessraha, CEO and Co-Founder of Roboost. "Our goal is to redefine what it means to have automated delivery operations by applying our technology to our customers’ most detailed workflows."


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