Riyadh Airports Company Partners with Cognizant for Digital Transformation

Riyadh Airports Company Partners with Cognizant for Digital Transformation

By Press Release, 02 January 2024

Riyadh Airports Company (RAC) has appointed Cognizant to enhance the capabilities of RAC's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business processes automation capabilities.

The collaboration aims to revolutionize digital capabilities in the domains of finance, human resources, procurement, and planning, ultimately enhancing the traveler experience.

As RAC plays such an important role in shaping Saudi Arabia's global image and is a key player in the country's plans for the Saudi Vision 2030, Cognizant will help to improve RAC's digital transformation by implementing cutting-edge automation and enterprise applications.

This collaboration marks a significant step in RAC's quest for efficiency, excellence, and seamless consumer satisfaction.

In the initial phase, Cognizant will leverage the SAP Appian framework to establish a robust process automation for airport operations.

SAP has established a global standard for enterprise ERP software; and by complementing existing SAP and Appian programs, Cognizant will assist RAC in enhancing its back-office functions to streamline operations and elevate traveler satisfaction.

Saudi Arabia anticipates welcoming over 100 million visitors by 2030, and an important aspect of RAC's strategy is the integration of smarter processes and advanced automation to reinforce its position as the busiest airport in the country.

"Establishing a strategic partnership with Cognizant is a transformative milestone for RAC," said Mr. Osama Al Fawaz, Chief of ICT at RAC. "Cognizant's expertise in automation and enterprise applications perfectly aligns with our aspirations, empowering us to extend a warm welcome to the world. Together, we are dedicated to creating an experience that benefits the airport's stakeholders, business partners and airlines, further solidifying Saudi Arabia's position as a leading global aviation destination."

Tarek Zarg El Aioun, Saudi Arabia General Manager at Cognizant, commented, "Our collaboration with RAC exemplifies Cognizant's commitment to helping raise global standards in digital engineering, airport operations, and customer experience within the aviation industry." "We are excited to contribute to RAC's vision for a technologically advanced and efficient airport management, enhancing the overall passenger and airline experience through innovative solutions."


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