Ring Capital Introducing $55 Million Investment in Francophone West Africa

Ring Capital Introducing $55 Million Investment in Francophone West Africa

By Staff Writer, 14 March 2024

Venture capital firm Ring Capital, known for financing and nurturing entrepreneurs offering solutions to significant social and environmental issues, expands its portfolio with three investment vehicles and a philanthropic fund.

Following the successful launch of its impact seed fund, GENERATIONS, in 2023, Ring Capital now ventures into Francophone West Africa with Ring Africa.

With a targeted fund size of EUR 50 million (US$55 million), Ring Africa will propel the exponential growth of impact-driven entrepreneurship in Francophone West Africa.

The fund will prioritize startups at the pre-seed, seed, and Series A stages, directing investments towards tailored solutions addressing the unique challenges faced by the African continent.

These challenges encompass transitioning towards formal economic structures, combating climate change, and fostering sustainable agricultural practices and consumption habits.

Moreover, Ring Africa will actively support the emergence of a new breed of entrepreneurs and contribute to the feminization of entrepreneurship in the region.

Nicolas Celier, co-founder of Ring Capital, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, emphasizing its potential to tangibly enhance living standards and nurture a fresh cohort of business leaders.

He stated, “Africa, which is already experiencing the consequences of climate change and its social repercussions, is simultaneously witnessing the emergence of structural solutions for its future. Being an impact investor means giving a chance to environmental and social solutions and financing a new generation of entrepreneurs. We are very excited about this launch, which will enable us to concretely improve living conditions and support a new generation of business leaders.”

Source: Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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