RecoMed Surges Forward with Eisai's Substantial Funding Boost

RecoMed Surges Forward with Eisai's Substantial Funding Boost

By Staff Writer, 10 March 2024

Sheraan Amod, CEO of RecoMed

RecoMed, a leading health technology firm based in South Africa, has recently announced a significant milestone in its growth journey.

The company has successfully secured a substantial amount of funding from Eisai, a renowned Japanese pharmaceutical company.

While the exact amount remains undisclosed, it marks the largest investment round RecoMed has received to date.

Operating as an online healthcare marketplace and booking platform, RecoMed plays a vital role in connecting healthcare practitioners, patients, and other stakeholders within the healthcare industry.

With an impressive track record of facilitating over 100,000 bookings per month, RecoMed has become a cornerstone in the South African healthcare landscape.

The recent funding injection, according to an official statement released by RecoMed, will be channeled towards advancing the digital patient healthcare experience.

The focus will primarily revolve around critical healthcare sectors such as oncology and neurology.

Additionally, RecoMed aims to spearhead digital initiatives targeting breast cancer, positioning itself as a frontrunner in digital care platforms dedicated to this disease.

Sheraan Amod, CEO, and founder of RecoMed expressed his enthusiasm regarding the partnership with Eisai.

In a recent interview, Amod highlighted the alignment between Eisai's mission to simplify healthcare access through digital platforms and RecoMed's vision.

The investment will play a pivotal role in strengthening RecoMed's technological infrastructure, raising platform awareness, and further optimizing the digital healthcare journey for patients.

"At RecoMed, we are dedicated to enhancing the patient treatment route and overall outcomes across various diseases. With our current focus on breast cancer, we are well on our way to achieving this aim," commented Amod.

With Eisai's backing, RecoMed is poised to accelerate its growth trajectory, ushering in a new era of innovation and accessibility in the South African healthcare landscape.

Source: Innovation Village

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