Rabeh Financial Secures 3 Million Riyals in Seed Funding at LEAP24 Conference

Rabeh Financial Secures 3 Million Riyals in Seed Funding at LEAP24 Conference

By Staff Writer, 08 March 2024

Saudi-based Rabeh Financial, specializing in crowdfunding and equity exchange services, made waves at the LEAP24 conference by announcing the successful closure of a seed funding round, securing a hefty sum of 3 million Saudi Riyals.

The collaboration involved Mjalis Investment Company alongside several angel investors, pushing the startup's valuation to a substantial 30 million Saudi Riyals.

Founded in 2022 under the leadership of Mohammed Al-Salmi and a team of seasoned advisors, Rabeh offers a platform facilitating seamless exchange and assessment of investment opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs.

The company harnesses cutting-edge data analysis technologies and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the landscape of ownership exchange and knowledge dissemination.

According to Rabeh's official statement, the company's strategic goal revolves around the establishment of a secondary market dedicated to the exchange of ownership, knowledge, and consultancy.

This initiative aims to bolster success rates while mitigating risks for stakeholders.

Moreover, Rabeh plans to roll out innovative technical features, enabling access to investors both domestically and internationally across various sectors, including real estate.

The company pledges to uphold a secure, technology-driven ecosystem that complies with regulatory frameworks, thus attracting investments and fueling growth in the business sector.

Founder Mohammed Al-Salmi expressed gratitude for the investors' unwavering confidence, citing their participation as a testament to the company's vision of leveraging technology to revolutionize the investment landscape in the Kingdom.

Al-Salmi underscored Rabeh's commitment to making investment opportunities more accessible and user-friendly through advanced technological solutions.

Mohammed Al-Omar, Chairman of Majalis Investment, hailed the funding round as a demonstration of the company's dedication to providing a holistic and efficient experience for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Al-Omar also expressed eagerness to align with the Kingdom's initiatives aimed at enhancing and regulating the investment climate and leveraging technology to advance the goals outlined in Vision 2030.

Source: EntArabi

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