Quant and Saudi Awwal Bank Aim to Empower the Retail Sector Through a Partnership

Quant and Saudi Awwal Bank Aim to Empower the Retail Sector Through a Partnership

By Staff Writer, 16 September 2023

Saudi Awwal Bank has revealed a strategic collaboration with Quant, a data science company specializing in artificial intelligence and data analytics for retail and real estate.

The partnership is aimed at providing data-driven insights to the retail sector, empowering business owners to make informed decisions using advanced data analytics and AI.

Quant will furnish a comprehensive range of analytics reports and business tools, covering crucial aspects such as retail key performance indicators, operational metrics, customer behavior, sales analysis, and inventory management.

These resources will aid SAB's business clients in optimizing operations for heightened profitability, reduced waste, and enhanced customer service, leveraging insights derived from consumer demand, peak hours, and customer preferences.

Yasser Al-Barrak, SAB's Chief Corporate and Institutional Banking Officer, expressed their commitment to innovation and client value through a new partnership.

The collaboration with Quant signifies a significant step in providing businesses with data-driven insights to drive growth and success.

Al-Barrak emphasized the importance of partnerships in enhancing business sustainability and supporting the Financial Sector Development Program for Vision 2030.

The partnership aims to offer exceptional banking services tailored to business needs, fostering growth and innovation for their clients.

Ahmed Bukhamseen, Quant's CEO and Co-Founder, highlighted the positive impact of this partnership, providing retail businesses with advanced tools to understand customer behaviors and preferences.

This includes improved operational monitoring and data-driven decision-making, ultimately enhancing the performance of the retail sector and establishing technology and data analytics as valuable business tools.

Source: Arab News

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