Expanding Horizons: Qsalary and Itqan Capital's Revolutionary Investment Fund

Expanding Horizons: Qsalary and Itqan Capital's Revolutionary Investment Fund

By Staff Writer, 11 May 2024

Aiming to revolutionize financial solutions, Qsalary, a prominent digital payment solutions provider, has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Itqan Capital, a trailblazing investment firm.

Together, they have unveiled a pioneering investment fund designed to cater to the burgeoning need for innovative financial solutions, particularly in accelerating salary payments and managing scattered expenses for companies.

The investment fund, boasting a substantial valuation of 300 million Saudi Riyals (around $80 million), presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking secure and transparent avenues for financial growth.

With a focus on facilitating accelerated salary payments and streamlining expense management, the fund is poised to disrupt traditional financial paradigms.

Qsalary's Cutting-Edge Solutions Reshaping Salary Payment Landscape

At the heart of Qsalary's offerings lies a digital platform and application that streamline salary payment processes for employees.

By providing expedited salary disbursements, the company not only enhances employee satisfaction but also alleviates financial strains throughout the month.

Moreover, Qsalary's solutions help companies mitigate administrative costs associated with managing advances, scattered expenses, and payroll.

Currently operational in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Qsalary has ambitious plans for expansion, with imminent ventures into Gulf Cooperation Council countries through strategic local and global partnerships.

This expansion is set to further consolidate Qsalary's position as a frontrunner in the digital payment solutions domain.

ASFA Ventures: Nurturing Technological Innovation

ASFA Ventures, under the stewardship of CEO Mansour Al-Shaibi, stands as a beacon of technological innovation in the region.

With Qsalary as one of its flagship ventures, ASFA Ventures prides itself on fostering homegrown companies that leverage Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies.

Founded by visionary co-founders Mohammed Badawi and Amr Abu Shady, Qsalary represents the epitome of ASFA Ventures' commitment to nurturing pioneering enterprises.

Specializing in the development of companies in diverse sectors, including blockchain, Web 3.0, financial technologies, and real estate, ASFA Ventures remains steadfast in its mission to drive sustainable growth aligned with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's vision.

For investors seeking to capitalize on cutting-edge technological trends and explore lucrative economic prospects, ASFA Ventures emerges as the quintessential destination.

With a focus on fostering robust companies and capitalizing on emerging opportunities, ASFA Ventures continues to redefine the entrepreneurial landscape, propelling the Kingdom towards a prosperous future.

Source: EntArabi

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