PureHealth, Fujifilm Global collaborate to leverage AI in Abu Dhabi’s healthcare ecosystem

PureHealth, Fujifilm Global collaborate to leverage AI in Abu Dhabi’s healthcare ecosystem

By Emirates News Agency, 24 July 2023

ABU DHABI - PureHealth, the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East, has collaborated with Fujifilm Global to leverage the latest cutting-edge technology and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to enhance excellence benchmarks in the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

The partnership was initiated through a ceremony held at Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental during the recent Japan-UAE Business Forum.

As part of the partnership, PureHealth will be introducing Fujifilm’s advanced Healthcare IT products. The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), one of the largest networks of hospitals and clinics in the UAE, a PureHealth subsidiary, will be the first beneficiary, deploying the state-of-the-art system and products in its facilities.

The integration of AI algorithms will enable the rapid analysis of vast amounts of medical data, with medical practitioners able to focus their expertise on critical cases instead, leading to faster and more accurate diagnoses. Doctors in the UAE will be able to detect abnormalities promptly, provide quantitative measurements, and offer improved patient care.

Rashid Al Qubaisi, Chief Corporate Officer of PureHealth, said, “By harnessing the power of PureHealth's network and Fujifilm's unparalleled imaging and biotechnology AI capabilities, we are poised to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare. Together, we will propel the sector forward, driving exceptional advancements that will improve lives, enhance diagnostics, and elevate the standard of care."

Saeed Jaber Al Kuwaiti, Group Chief Executive Officer of SEHA, said, “Abu Dhabi is leading the transformation of the regional healthcare ecosystem, leveraging the power of science and technology while establishing itself as a life science hub and a global innovation incubator. PureHealth is at the forefront, actively supporting these efforts in line with the wise vision of the UAE leadership. At SEHA, we are aligned with PureHealth's vision and fully committed to embracing pioneering technologies and advanced AI solutions to provide world-class healthcare services and unparalleled health solutions. Being the first beneficiary of Fujifilm’s state-of-the-art system and products excites us, as it further reinforces our dedication to delivering exceptional care to our patients.”

Teiichi Goto, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fujifilm, said, “We are excited to collaborate with PureHealth and contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Abu Dhabi. By using AI, we offer the flexibility to make the most of these advanced technologies, leading to better radiology operations faster and more accurately and assisting surgery preparation.”

This latest collaboration reinforces PureHealth’s mission to raise the benchmarks in healthcare excellence, increase standards in patient care, advance the science of longevity and boost the advancements of the UAE healthcare sector. PureHealth is on a mission to unlock time for humankind by pushing the boundaries of innovation and transformation within the healthcare sector. Through its comprehensive offerings, PureHealth is dedicated to offering the most advanced healthcare possible, utilising technology, and involving highly skilled medical, technical, and administrative staff.

Amjad Saleh, WAM (Emirates News Agency)

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