PhysioHome Secures Seed Funding, Elevating Healthcare Innovation

PhysioHome Secures Seed Funding, Elevating Healthcare Innovation

By Staff Writer, 21 February 2024

PhysioHome, a leading health services company, has successfully concluded its seed funding round with the enthusiastic participation of angel investors.

This marks another milestone in the company's journey toward revolutionizing the healthcare sector.

Back in 2022, PhysioHome made waves by securing its pre-seed funding round, which was spearheaded by Sanabil 500 and the Saudi Venture Capital Company, in collaboration with angel investors associated with Oqal.

Established in 2021, PhysioHome emerged from the health sector accelerator program, backed by the Ministry of Health and Establishments, showcasing its dedication to advancing healthcare accessibility and quality.

Notably, the startup also graduated from the prestigious Taqadum Accelerator affiliated with the esteemed King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

At the heart of PhysioHome's innovation lie its two flagship products.

The first, dubbed Amin, delivers specialized technical solutions in home rehabilitation, spanning physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, therapeutic nutrition, and personalized training tailored for adults and the elderly.

Moreover, PhysioHome's proficient team oversees the entire medical care continuum, from initial assessment to provider training, session monitoring, and requisite reporting.

They also craft bespoke treatment plans tailored to individual needs.

On the other hand, the company's second product, Childhood, targets medical and behavioral rehabilitation for children up to 12 years old.

This innovative solution integrates home and remote services, aiming to provide a holistic approach to pediatric care.

While launched on a trial basis toward the end of 2023, Childhood intends to expand its operational scope in the ensuing months and years, fueled by the latest round of funding.

Source: Wamda

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