Plaza Premium Group Commits $100 Million to Expand Middle East Footprint

Plaza Premium Group Commits $100 Million to Expand Middle East Footprint

By Press Release, 24 May 2024

Plaza Premium Group (PPG), the leading global airport hospitality services provider, has announced a strategic investment of USD 100 million to expand its presence in the Middle East with a major focus on Saudi Arabia. This investment aims to solidify PPG’s role as a connector between the Middle East and popular global destinations. The funds will be allocated to opening world-class lounges, establishing a global airport concierge service with white-glove service, creating innovative dining outlets, and exploring opportunities for in-terminal hotels.

With a presence in the Middle East since 2014, PPG has developed a robust portfolio of airport lounges, hotels, and F&B outlets; the company currently operates in 15 locations across eight international airports within key regional cities including Amman, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Dubai, and Muscat. PPG is currently in 80 airports, 30 countries and 250 locations

With the Middle East tourism sector projected to grow approximately 7.7% annually until 2032, and Saudi Arabia investing over USD 100 billion to become a global aviation hub, PPG’s investment aims to establish a corporate presence in the Kingdom and support the company’s  goal of expanding its global footprint to 500 locations by 2025, The targeted investment in the Middle East is part of USD 300 million that PPG intends to invest over three years globally.

According to Song Hoi-See, Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group, the projected investment will help to elevate PPG’s portfolio further while also adding value to development of airport hospitality services at the existing and upcoming destinations throughout the Middle East. “This is an exciting time to invest in the Middle East, a region that exemplifies the future of travel and tourism. It’s rich in ancient culture yet embraces modernity, reflecting PPG’s ethos of innovation and growth alongside our travel partners,” he said.

Deputy CEO Bora Isbulan has been appointed to lead this initiative. His role will include directing the Business Development, Commercial, and Marketing divisions, as well as forging robust alliances throughout the region. PPG aims to be in the world’s 100 busiest airports globally, mentioned Isbulan. “I am thrilled to return to a region I know well. We are eager to increase our footprint in the Middle East, with a particular focus on the emerging opportunities in Saudi Arabia,” he continued

This expansion reinforces Plaza Premium Group’s promise to make travel better for more than 20 million passengers it serves annually around the world.


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