Palestine's DataQueue raises investment from Ibtikar Fund

Palestine's DataQueue raises investment from Ibtikar Fund

By Press Release, 11 August 2023

Ibtikar Fund announced their investment in DataQueue, a leading AI data training company, and an innovative platform to manage the entire AI lifecycle. 

“DataQueue aims to revolutionize the AI landscape by simplifying the training data process and empowering organisations to unlock the true potential of AI. We are thrilled to have the support of Ibtikar Fund in our journey to democratis3 AI and enable businesses to leverage its transformative power," explained Bashir Alsaifi, DataQueue’s Founder and CEO. 

The field of AI faces numerous challenges, particularly in the acquisition and management of high-quality training data. DataQueue has emerged as a solution provider, offering a comprehensive platform that addresses these challenges and streamlines the AI lifecycle for organisations.

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One of the primary obstacles in AI development is acquiring diverse and reliable training data at scale. DataQueue tackles this problem by leveraging advanced algorithms and crowdsourcing techniques to efficiently gather large volumes of relevant training data from diverse sources. This approach accelerates the data acquisition process and ensures organisations have access to a broad range of annotated and labelled data for training their AI models.

Accurate annotation and labelling of training data are essential for the effectiveness of AI models. DataQueue's platform incorporates robust annotation tools and quality control mechanisms, guaranteeing precise labelling and minimising errors. This attention to detail significantly improves the performance and accuracy of AI models.

Similarly, managing and organising training data can be a complex task, especially as data volumes increase. DataQueue's centralised platform provides efficient data management capabilities, enabling organisations to categorise, search, and retrieve data seamlessly. This streamlined approach optimises the data management process, saving valuable time and resources.

“Our team was impressed by DataQueue's comprehensive approach to training data management and their commitment to quality and scalability. We believe in their vision to simplify the AI lifecycle for businesses, and we are excited to partner with them as they continue to innovate and disrupt this industry,” said Ambar Amleh, Managing Partner at Ibtikar Fund. 

This funding round will provide DataQueue with the resources to further develop its technology, strengthen its research and development capabilities, and expand its customer base.


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