Oura's Retail Reach: Smart Rings Now Available on Amazon

Oura's Retail Reach: Smart Rings Now Available on Amazon

By Staff Writer, 11 March 2024

Oura, a prominent player in the health and wellness wearable market, is set to broaden its retail presence by offering its smart rings on Amazon.

This move comes as part of the company's strategic expansion plan within the flourishing wearable technology sector.

Commencing Thursday, Oura will unveil its comprehensive range of rings and accessories to American consumers via its dedicated brand store on Amazon.

Additionally, the company will introduce sizing kits for purchase, facilitating customers in finding the perfect fit, and subsequently offering them a discounted price equivalent to the sizing kit cost.

This venture into e-commerce on Amazon marks a significant development following Oura's collaboration with Best Buy last year, which provided the company with its first large-scale retail opportunity in the United States.

Previously, Oura predominantly retailed its products directly through its website.

Doug Sweeny, Chief Marketing Officer at Oura, expressed the natural progression of this move, stating, "Amazon is a natural step for us. It’s an enormous ecosystem and in terms of product reviews and search, it’s really important."

Sweeny, who assumed his role at Oura in October 2022, highlighted the company's success with word-of-mouth marketing and the impact of retail exposure on consumer discovery.

Transitioning to Amazon's platform, Sweeny emphasized the collaboration with the e-commerce giant to ensure a comprehensive presentation of the product's features and benefits through education, experience, and storytelling.

Although this shift doesn't signify a drastic departure from Oura's existing marketing strategy, Sweeny acknowledged the significance of this expansion on Amazon, recognizing it as an opportunity to engage with a diverse demographic keen on proactive health management.

As a two-time CNBC Disruptor 50 company, Oura aims to leverage Amazon's broad reach to further its mission of empowering individuals in their health journey.

Source: Ian Thomas / CNBC

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