OpenAI Launches GPT Store: A Marketplace for Customized AI Applications

OpenAI Launches GPT Store: A Marketplace for Customized AI Applications

By Staff Writer, 12 January 2024

OpenAI, the renowned artificial intelligence lab, announced the inauguration of its GPT Store via a blog post on Wednesday.

This innovative marketplace is integrated within the widely-used ChatGPT chatbot, offering users an avenue to explore and construct customized AI models, known as GPTs.

These AI models can be tailored for various purposes, from educational tasks such as teaching mathematics to creative endeavors like designing stickers.

The GPT Store marks OpenAI's strategic move to capitalize on the immense popularity garnered by ChatGPT.

Launched last year, ChatGPT captivated users worldwide with its unparalleled ability to generate human-like prose and poetry.

Consequently, it rapidly ascended the charts to become one of the most rapidly adopted applications.

However, its growth trajectory experienced a slight dip during periods when educational institutions were closed, and the initial allure of the chatbot began to diminish.

Initially, access to the GPT Store will be exclusive to users subscribed to paid ChatGPT plans, as stated by OpenAI.

Looking ahead, the company has outlined plans to introduce mechanisms that enable GPT developers to monetize their bespoke AI creations in the forthcoming months.

Anna Tong / Reuters

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