OneOrder Secures $16M Funding, Targets Hospitality Supply Chain Revolution

OneOrder Secures $16M Funding, Targets Hospitality Supply Chain Revolution

By Staff Writer, 25 May 2024

To revolutionize the hospitality supply chain sector, OneOrder, the innovative tech solution transforming hotel, restaurant, and catering industries in Egypt, has announced a successful Series A funding round, raising $16 million in equity and debt.

Spearheaded by Delivery Hero Ventures, the round saw notable participation from Norrsken22, Egypt-based Nclude, and A15.

The investment injection is set to propel OneOrder’s expansion into the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the primary target.

Tamer Amer, CEO of OneOrder, emphasized the chronic challenges facing the hospitality supply chain across Africa and the MENA region.

Fragmentation and manual processes among numerous stakeholders have led to inefficiencies such as limited price transparency, inadequate access to quality stock-keeping units (SKUs), high waste and storage costs, and insufficient financing for business growth.

Amer highlighted the transformative nature of OneOrder, which goes beyond mere digitization of fragmented processes.

The platform streamlines the entire supply chain, offering a one-stop-shop solution with strategically located warehouses storing all necessary ingredients.

With over 700 SKUs available on its platform, OneOrder provides a personalized virtual warehouse accessible through both web-based interfaces and mobile applications.

This enables efficient online ordering, cost reduction, and access to high-quality ingredients for restaurants and hotels.

Moreover, OneOrder’s collaboration with Commercial International Bank Egypt (CIB) to enable variable payments via direct debit marks a significant milestone.

This integration of advanced financial solutions within the platform illustrates OneOrder’s commitment to providing comprehensive technological solutions to its clients, effectively revolutionizing food procurement processes in the hospitality sector.

Source: Innovation Village

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