Muzn's 3rd Shari’a Supervisory Board Meeting Reinforces Commitment to Islamic Finance Excellence

Muzn's 3rd Shari’a Supervisory Board Meeting Reinforces Commitment to Islamic Finance Excellence

By Press Release, 14 November 2023

Muzn, the Islamic banking window of the National Bank of Oman (NBO), conducted its 3rd Shari’a Supervisory Board (SSB) Meeting.

This significant event gathered esteemed board members, reaffirming Muzn's unwavering commitment to Shari’a compliance in its financial solutions.

Present at the meeting were the esteemed members of the SSB, which included Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Zubair Usmani, who serves as the Chairman of the Muzn SSB.

Accompanying him were Sheikh Dr. AbdulRahman Abdullah Al-Saadi, Sheikh Saleh Al Kharusi and His Highness Dr. Adham Al Said, all of whom bring their extensive expertise to guide Muzn in adhering to Islamic financial principles.

Salima Al Marzooqi, Chief Islamic Banking Officer, said, “Cultivating the principles of Shari’a in our financial solutions is at the core of Muzn's mission. Our 3rd SSB Meeting signifies our enduring dedication to fostering the Islamic finance sector's growth in Oman. By collaborating with our esteemed Shari’a Board members, we are actively shaping the future of Islamic banking, ensuring our products and services align with the highest standards of compliance. We remain dedicated to delivering seamless, innovative solutions whilst always putting our customers' values first."

Muzn stands at the forefront of the Islamic banking sector, offering innovative, competitive, and quality financial solutions that align with Shari’a values.

Notable among the latest products are the Islamic Personal Financing Facility and the Kids Wakala account, providing customers with more options for their financial needs.

Moreover, Muzn customers can make cash deposits through a diverse network of Cash and Cheque Deposit Machines (CCDMs) operated by NBO, the parent company of Muzn.

The introduction of a Wallet Transfer feature adds to Muzn's pioneering digital services, enabling customers to send and receive money locally and instantly through a mobile number, in addition to the convenient Scan & Pay feature using QR codes.

Muzn, where Shari’a principles and modern banking innovation converge, is committed to serving both existing and new customers in accordance with the highest standards of Islamic finance.

For further information about Muzn Islamic Banking's range of products, please contact 24770001 or visit


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