Mubadala Investment Co. Eyes Significant Capital Injection into AI and Space Tech

Mubadala Investment Co. Eyes Significant Capital Injection into AI and Space Tech

By Staff Writer, 01 March 2024

Abu Dhabi's Mubadala Investment Co, as per its managing director's announcement on Wednesday (28/2), is set to channel significant capital into artificial intelligence and space technology ventures this year.

This move underscores the sovereign wealth fund's commitment to expanding its investments in the United States.

Addressing an investor conference in Abu Dhabi, Khaldoon Mubarak highlighted the evolving role of sovereign wealth funds, emphasizing their potential to transition from mere asset investors to catalysts for global advancement.

"We have ambitious plans to bolster our investments in the U.S. market and to further develop strategic and forward-thinking investment initiatives across the UK, Europe, and France," Mubarak stated.

With assets under its control amounting to $276 billion, Mubadala also intends to venture into healthcare, digital infrastructure, and financing ventures this year, according to Mubarak's statements.

Moreover, the fund has augmented its long-term investment allocations for the Asian region.

"We are dedicated to driving progress and backing solutions to global challenges," Mubarak affirmed.

Furthermore, Mubarak highlighted the fund's strategic move to tap into the dynamic markets of Asia, including Japan, China, Korea, and India.

Emphasizing Mubadala's focus on mega-trends and global demographics, he reiterated the fund's readiness to participate in long-term endeavors in these regions.

Source: Alexander Cornwell / Reuters

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