Morocco: Fuze Invests in Edtech Company Smartprof for a New Undisclosed Funding

By Staff Writer, 05 September 2023

Moroccan edtech startup Smartprof has entered an exciting new phase of growth thanks to a significant investment from Fuze, a prominent player in funding startups across Francophone Africa, as reported on Wamda.

Smartprof, known for its innovative platform connecting students with qualified tutors, is making strides in reshaping the education landscape. The platform's mission is to address the gap between the supply of skilled tutors and the demand from parents seeking effective educational support for their children.

Recognizing the critical role of education in shaping a promising future, Smartprof leads the way in creating exceptional learning experiences. Homza Faiz, Co-founder and CEO of Smartprof, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Fuze, highlighting its potential to elevate Smartprof's presence in the Francophone African tech ecosystem. The investment process, characterized by efficiency and collaboration, has forged a strong bond of trust between Smartprof and Fuze.

In a significant development, Fuze not only offers financial support but also injects fresh perspectives into Smartprof's challenges. The presence of an investor deeply rooted in the Francophone African region is expected to play a pivotal role in Smartprof's expansion endeavors.

Fuze's investment framework forms a crucial cornerstone of this partnership, revolutionizing funding accessibility for emerging startups in the area. With renewed vision and the backing of Proparco, Digital Africa is gearing up for a new phase of growth.

Within the broader framework of Digital Africa, initiatives such as Bridge, Talents 4 Startups, and Fuze have left indelible marks. The remarkable response of over 10,300 applications from African youth to the Talents 4 Startups program underscores the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of the region. Digital Africa, through collaborative efforts with partner organizations spanning ten nations, has successfully trained hundreds of students, amplifying the program's outreach.

The synergy between Smartprof and Fuze is particularly evident in Fuze’s investment envelope of €6.5 million. The funding structure includes ideation tickets at €20,000, follow-on tickets at €30,000, and cumulative tickets at €50,000. This investment framework underscores Fuze’s mission to provide sustained financial support to French-speaking African startups, nurturing their growth trajectories. The first ideation ticket, designed to support startups during their inception, is being piloted with specific criteria focusing on regional presence, co-founder nationality, and technological solutions.

In a bid to nurture startups and cater to their evolving needs at different stages of growth, Digital Africa has implemented a comprehensive support system. This holistic approach extends its assistance beyond the initial stages and covers later growth phases as well. An example of this is the Bridge Fund, a collaborative effort with Proparco, which provides bridge financing to startups with funding requirements ranging from €200,000 to €600,000.

Moreover, Digital Africa's partnership with BPI France for Africa Next brings together a community of investors ready to support startups seeking larger funding opportunities.

Fuze, driven by a commitment to startups' success, goes beyond offering initial financial support. Its mission is to integrate startups into a continuous support system that equips them with the necessary tools to thrive. As Smartprof takes a significant leap forward with the backing of Fuze, the edtech sector in Francophone Africa is on the verge of a remarkable expansion and transformation.

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