Meta Platforms Unveils AI Innovation for Effortless Video Editing

Meta Platforms Unveils AI Innovation for Effortless Video Editing

By Staff Writer, 20 November 2023

Meta Platforms introduced two innovative AI-powered features for video editing, catering to users on Instagram and Facebook.

Unveiled on Thursday (16/11), the first feature, Emu Video, generates concise four-second videos accompanied by a prompt, which can be a caption, photo, or image, along with a descriptive text.

The second feature, Emu Edit, facilitates easier video modification, allowing users to make edits with the assistance of text prompts.

These cutting-edge tools represent a progression from the foundational Emu model, which operates on generative AI technology and serves as the backbone for various AI image editing tools on Instagram.

With Emu, users can transform the visual style or background of a photo based on text prompts.

Over the past year, businesses and enterprises have shown keen interest in the emerging generative AI market, seeking enhanced capabilities and improved business processes.

This trend gained momentum following the launch of OpenAI's ChatGPT in the previous year.

Meta Platforms, a social media behemoth, has been actively expanding its presence in the realm of artificial intelligence.

The company's swift advancements in AI technology position it as a significant player in the field, aiming to compete with industry giants like Microsoft, Alphabet's Google, and Amazon.

Priyamvada C / Reuters

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