From Kenyan B2B to Social: MarketForce's Evolution with Chpter

From Kenyan B2B to Social: MarketForce's Evolution with Chpter

By Staff Writer, 18 April 2024

MarketForce, a Kenyan startup founded in 2018 specializing in sales force automation software, has recently undergone a strategic transformation.

The company announced the discontinuation of its business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce service, RejaReja, while introducing its latest venture, Chpter, a platform focusing on social commerce.

According to company statements, Chpter has already commenced operations in Kenya and South Africa, aiding numerous local merchants in enhancing their sales through popular social media platforms.

On Wednesday (April 17), Tesh Mbaabu, MarketForce's co-founder and CEO, revealed these developments via a detailed blog post on his personal website.

Mbaabu elaborated on Chpter's functionalities, describing it as an AI-powered conversational commerce platform empowering vendors to amplify their sales across various social channels such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Chpter achieves this through automated messaging services, targeted marketing, and streamlined payment processes.

Mbaabu cited several reasons for discontinuing RejaReja, including the significant challenges faced in distributing retail fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) through B2B channels.

He pointed out the narrow profit margins in this sector, making it difficult for RejaReja to sustain profitability on a per-unit basis.

Additionally, Mbaabu highlighted the industry's high price sensitivity, leading to intense price competition, ultimately rendering RejaReja's business model unsustainable.

Source: Innovation Village

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