Mamun's Successful Crowdfunding Propels Zameeli Platform to New Heights in Oman's Fintech Arena

Mamun's Successful Crowdfunding Propels Zameeli Platform to New Heights in Oman's Fintech Arena

By Staff Writer, 17 March 2024

Oman's fintech landscape reached a milestone as Mamun company announced the successful completion of the inaugural crowdfunding equity round for the Zameeli platform.

Zameeli, designed to bridge Omani freelance workers with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), signifies a significant advancement in the country's tech sector, indicating heightened interest from companies in leveraging effective technology solutions.

Established in 2021, Mamun initially served as a platform for integrated financing. By October 2023, it expanded its services to include equity and debt crowdfunding for companies, adhering to Islamic Sharia guidelines after securing approval from the Capital Market Authority of Oman.

Meanwhile, Zameeli, founded in April 2021 and initially supported by the Omani Technology Fund (OTF), broadened its investor base through Mamun.

Presently, Zameeli boasts 1,369 registered clients, among them notable entities such as Omran and the Ministry of Information, alongside a network comprising 3,368 independent Omani workers.

The success of this funding round for Zameeli heralds the forthcoming launch of Mamun's secondary market, anticipated to bolster participation in Oman's financial ecosystem while fostering innovation and investment in the tech domain.

Mohammed Al Tamimi, Commercial President at Mamun, underlined the secondary market's significance in nurturing a resilient investment and cultural framework within the Sultanate, underscoring Mamun's pivotal role in fostering the local independent economy and technological innovation.

Tariq Al Habsi, co-founder and CEO of Zameeli, reiterated the platform's dedication to its community, emphasizing its endeavor to attract strategic investments conducive to empowering freelance workers for sustained contributions to the platform's growth.

Al Habsi envisions transforming Zameeli into a community-centric platform that shares its achievements, viewing this approach as pivotal not only for the platform's longevity and adaptability but also as a reflection of the collaborative ethos and innovative spirit permeating Oman's tech sector.

Source: EntArabi

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