Saudi-Based LAHINT Embarks on New Era: Transitions to Joint-Stock Company

Saudi-Based LAHINT Embarks on New Era: Transitions to Joint-Stock Company

By Press Release, 04 April 2024

Saudi-based LAHINT, an emerging powerhouse in technology and digital services, has announced its transition into a joint-stock company, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards expanding its operational reach and solidifying its market presence. Steering this visionary endeavor is a dynamic leadership team: CEO Mohamed Ibrahim, alongside Ziyad Alsulais as Chief Corporate Officer (CCO), Khalid Alsulami as chief strategy officer (CSO), and Ahmed Saber, who brings his expertise as chief technology officer (CTO).

This transformation heralds a new chapter for LAHINT, showcasing its ambition to lead and innovate within the tech industry. With an eye on the future, the company is gearing up to launch its beta version in the second quarter of this year, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing user experiences through a variety of service channels, including its website, mobile applications, and WhatsApp.

Mohamed Ibrahim, LAHINT's CEO, sheds light on the company's user-centric methodology, emphasizing the streamlined process from the initial service request to its execution. LAHINT distinguishes itself by facilitating user interaction with its service channels, allowing for the scheduling of services that are executed via state-of-the-art screen sharing and voice conferencing technologies.

This innovative approach enables real-time, interactive service delivery, positioning LAHINT at the forefront of the digital revolution. Further driving this innovation is CTO Ahmed Saber, whose leadership in developing smart systems is integral to understanding and automating service delivery behaviors, ensuring LAHINT's services evolve to meet user needs efficiently. The anticipation is building for the launch of its first fully automated service in the third quarter of 2024.

Highlighting the confidence in LAHINT's strategic vision, the company has successfully secured a pre-seed funding round of 1.2 million SAR, valuing the company at an initial 10 million SAR. This achievement reflects the strong investor belief in LAHIN’s potential and strategic direction, a testament to the capabilities of its leadership team and their dedication to transforming the public and government service sectors.

As LAHINT embarks on this exciting phase, its strategic advancements signal the dawn of a technological revolution within the government and public service domain, promising a significant shift in how services are accessed and delivered. Under the stewardship of its accomplished leadership team, LAHINT is poised to redefine the landscape of digital services, affirming its role as a pioneer in the industry.


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