Khalifa Fund and Al Mushrif Coop Join Forces to Foster Entrepreneurial Success

Khalifa Fund and Al Mushrif Coop Join Forces to Foster Entrepreneurial Success

By Emirates News Agency, 17 January 2024

Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development and Al Mushrif Cooperative Society (Al Mushrif Coop) have announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at providing support to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners in the region.

The collaboration offers comprehensive benefits designed to empower businesses and foster economic growth.

Entrepreneurs stand to gain substantial advantages through this strategic partnership. Businesses can acquire a 25-50 percent discount on registration fees, listings, and retail space, making it more affordable for entrepreneurs to establish and showcase their products, as well as enhanced financial stability with the convenience of receiving payments 30 days earlier, ensuring better cash flow management for businesses.

Entrepreneurs can also benefit from significant savings, with discounts of 20-40 percent on kiosks and 15-20 percent on shop rentals, depending on the activities chosen and units available for rent.

This will help reduce overhead costs and enable sustainable business growth.

Alia Abdulla Al Mazrouei, CEO of Khalifa Fund, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration between Khalifa Fund and Al Mushrif Coop is a testament to our commitment to fostering entrepreneurial success in the region. By offering substantial discounts on registrations, listings, and retail spaces, as well as sharing invaluable insights from Al Mushrif Coop's experience, we aim to empower businesses, cut overhead costs, and create growth opportunities for Emirati entrepreneurs. This partnership aligns with our vision of building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and supporting the development of sustainable businesses.”

Khalaf Khalifa Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mushrif Cooperative Society, stressed the importance of the national and social role of cooperatives and their ability to respond to the economic and social needs of the Emirati community, as it is an essential pillar in maintaining market stability and one of the main engines for supporting the national economy.

Amjad Saleh

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