Kenya Unveils Ambitious Plan to Establish 1,450 ICT Hubs Nationwide by 2024

Kenya Unveils Ambitious Plan to Establish 1,450 ICT Hubs Nationwide by 2024

By Staff Writer, 20 December 2023

The Kenyan government has announced an ambitious initiative to construct 1,450 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) hubs across the nation, aligning with its recently launched Digital Master Plan for the years 2022-2032.

This expansive project aims to bolster digital literacy, facilitate film production, and provide citizens with enhanced access to government services.

Set to kick off in 2024, the initiative underscores the government's commitment to advancing ICT-related development and fortifying the digital economy.

Eluid Owalo, the country's ICT cabinet secretary, highlighted the transformative potential of the project.

He stated, “Consider a single digital hub's capacity to generate 300 digital jobs. In constituencies comprising roughly five wards each, we envision empowering up to 1,500 local youths. While these hubs will be situated in villages, the youth will collaborate with both national and international corporations.”

Owalo further reaffirmed Kenya's determination to position itself as the leading ICT hub in Africa, showcasing its growing influence in the continent's digital landscape.

Recent endeavors have solidified Kenya's reputation as a trailblazer in digital evolution. Notably, the nation ranks second among African countries in technological advancement.

The newly unveiled ten-year Digital Master Plan delineates four pivotal pillars: digital infrastructure, digital services and data management, digital skills enhancement, and fostering digital innovation for entrepreneurial ventures.

Under the ambit of digital infrastructure, the establishment of 1,450 ICT hubs will be complemented by the deployment of 25,000 hotspots in key public venues and commercial hubs.

Additionally, initiatives encompass the advancement of the government cloud infrastructure, the rapid progression of the Konza technopolis/smart city project, regional ICT infrastructure development, and the formulation of a sustainable energy strategy to bolster the digital infrastructure's resilience and efficacy.

Abdullah Ajibade / Techpoint Africa

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