Keir International and Tanmiah Ink $6.4 Million Agreement for Digital Innovation

Keir International and Tanmiah Ink $6.4 Million Agreement for Digital Innovation

By Staff Writer, 27 April 2024

Keir International, a leading player in the consultancy sector, has sealed a substantial SAR 24 million ($6.4 million) deal with the National Program for Community Development in Regions (Tanmiah).

The agreement, aimed at bolstering digital transformation efforts, was announced via a bourse filing.

Under the terms of the agreement, Keir International will spearhead the implementation of a comprehensive digital transformation strategy aligned with Tanmiah's overarching objectives.

The contract, which was formally signed on April 24, 2024, is slated to span a duration of three years, marking a significant partnership between the two entities.

This latest development underscores Keir International's continued commitment to facilitating digital innovation across diverse sectors.

Notably, this isn't the first major agreement the company has entered into this year.

In January, Keir International inked a deal with National Grid-SA, focusing on the expansion of high-voltage underground cable networks.

Such collaborations signal the company's strategic vision and its role in driving forward vital infrastructure initiatives.

Source: Mubasher

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