Justrite Superstores Launches Pioneering Solar PV and Battery System with Huawei

Justrite Superstores Launches Pioneering Solar PV and Battery System with Huawei

By Press Release, 07 June 2024

Empower New Energy, in collaboration with its technical partners, Powercell Limited and Huawei Digital Power, announces the commissioning of a pioneering rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) plant and battery energy storage system (BESS) for Justrite Superstores, the leading neighborhood retail supermarket chain in Nigeria.

“Power is the foundation of industrial and commercial development in Nigeria. Renewable energy such as photovoltaic has ushered in the best development era. Huawei Digital Power's unique value lies in its long-term R&D investment in digital and power electronics technologies, and always putting quality and safety first.

Justrite, Empower, Powercell and Huawei jointly build the first green superstore in Nigeria and even in West Africa. Huawei provides the high-quality, high-reliability, and high-security smart PV and energy storage system solutions, which will help many enterprises greatly reduce the cost of fuel and improve the stability and safety of electricity production,” said Chris Lu, Huawei Nigeria CEO & Chairman.

Huawei has launched a one-fit-all C&I solution of optimizer, smart PV inverter, ESS, and cloud management system with safety and reliability as the core, optimal electricity cost, and smart O&M. What are the business values and advantages of Huawei's industrial and commercial smart PV and energy storage solutions?

Over the past decade, Huawei has shipped more than one million inverters worldwide, with an annual failure rate of less than 0.5%. Huawei inverters have the highest L4 intelligent arc protection and can shut down within 0.5 second after DC arc detection. Reliable and safe inverters are the important guarantee for sustainable power generation.

Optimizer enables zero voltage quick shutdown and Component-level optimization increases power generation by up to 30%.

Those technologies protect the safety of the roof and ensure the safety of people and property.

Safety is always the main concept in design and manufacturing. For smart string energy storage system, the selection of high-quality cells requires a complete eight-month reliability test, including strict extreme tests and environmental tests etc., to ensure that all cells pass 100% safety and reliability checks. The energy storage system implements cell-level monitoring and AI-based data analysis to identify risky cells and ensure rack isolation. It also provides string-level monitoring and protection and special structural safety design.

Huawei always puts safety first, because safety is the guarantee for long-term system operation, the basis for the commercial value of PV and energy storage systems, and the foundation for personal and property safety.


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