Omani Investment Group ITHCA Backs Mubashir's Expansion into New Markets

Omani Investment Group ITHCA Backs Mubashir's Expansion into New Markets

By Staff Writer, 01 April 2024

ITHCA Group, a prominent Omani investment entity committed to fostering Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, has announced a strategic investment in Mubashir, an Oman-based digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising network.

The move is geared towards fueling Mubashir's expansion into new markets, bolstering its technological capabilities and amplifying its growth trajectory.

This injection of funds from ITHCA not only accelerates Mubashir's growth ambitions but also fortifies its technological infrastructure. Ameer Al-Alawi, Group Director Investments at ITHCA Group, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, "Advertising technology is changing rapidly; innovative AdTech companies in this space are leveraging data analytics, automation, and AI to meet consumers where they are in the physical world, offering real-time targeting capabilities to advertiser. We are thrilled about the investment in Mubashir and the technology platform they have built to date. We lend them our support in their innovative journey to be a global player in this space."

Mubashir's primary objective revolves around delivering highly effective and comprehensive advertising solutions, not only within Oman but also across the broader region.

With a digital platform boasting extensive reach, Mubashir connects with millions of individuals in Oman through strategically positioned digital screens.

Leveraging smart data and analytics, the network offers diverse advertising formats, enabling precisely targeted campaigns that deliver measurable outcomes for advertisers.

Beyond conventional advertising, Mubashir also prioritizes infotainment communication to enhance engagement with diverse consumer segments.

The investment from ITHCA signifies a pivotal moment for Mubashir, positioning the company for further success in the dynamic DOOH market.

Source: Wamda

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