Intel Unveils New AI Chips to Compete with Nvidia and AMD

Intel Unveils New AI Chips to Compete with Nvidia and AMD

By Staff Writer, 05 June 2024

U.S. semiconductor giant Intel has introduced its latest artificial intelligence (AI) chips for data centers, intensifying competition with rivals Nvidia and AMD. Announced at the Computex tech conference in Taiwan, Intel’s new Xeon 6 processor promises enhanced performance and energy efficiency for demanding data center tasks compared to its predecessor, according to CEO Pat Gelsinger.

The announcement follows closely on the heels of new AI chip launches by Nvidia and AMD earlier this week, highlighting the fierce race for dominance in the rapidly expanding AI industry. This development also comes six months after Intel's release of its 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors and two months after unveiling the Gaudi 3 processor, designed for AI model training and deployment.

In addition to the Xeon 6, Intel disclosed that its Gaudi 2 and Gaudi 3 AI accelerators are priced more competitively than those of its rivals. Gelsinger emphasized that customers are increasingly seeking high-performance, cost-effective AI training and inferencing solutions, with a growing interest in alternatives like Gaudi. “They want choice. They want open software and hardware solutions and time to market solutions at dramatically lower TCOs [total cost of ownership],” Gelsinger stated.

With these new offerings, Intel aims to strengthen its position in the AI chip market and provide viable options for customers seeking efficient and economical solutions.

Source: Sheila Chiang / CNBC

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