iiDENTIFii and Zanaco Unveil Groundbreaking Identity Solution for Zambian Consumers

iiDENTIFii and Zanaco Unveil Groundbreaking Identity Solution for Zambian Consumers

By Staff Writer, 17 October 2023

iiDENTIFii has engineered sophisticated face authentication technology that securely verifies users through their mobile phones or computers within seconds.

The startup operates across various industry sectors and is utilized by major pan-African banks, insurance companies, and mining firms for authenticating both customers and employees.

Having secured a growth capital of US$15 million last year to fund its expansion throughout Africa, the startup has now collaborated with leading bank Zanaco to commence operations in Zambia.

This collaboration aims to ensure that identity verification, along with its associated advantages, is within reach for everyone.

"In Zambia, we aim to address challenges related to digital exclusion, limited access to services, and identity fraud. Many individuals across the continent lack recognised identification, which hampers their access to banking, healthcare, and government services," stated Gur Geva, founder and CEO of iiDENTIFii.

"Collaborating with financial institutions like Zanaco is pivotal. By integrating our identity verification solutions, Zanaco can extend its reach to underserved populations, enabling them to open bank accounts, access credit, and make secure transactions. This partnership not only fosters financial inclusion but also strengthens data protection and security, driving positive change in Zambia’s digital landscape."

For Zanaco, this partnership represents a timely move in line with its longstanding dedication to promoting financial inclusion through its banking platforms.

"Our digital banking solutions have significantly impacted underserved communities by breaking down barriers to financial access. Through user-friendly mobile and online banking platforms, we have brought banking services to areas previously lacking access. This has led to increased financial inclusion, allowing individuals to save, transact, and access credit more easily," explained Mutisunge Zulu, Chief Risk Officer at Zanaco.

Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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