HEDG, an Egyptian Fintech Startup, Closes Six Figures in a New Pre-Seed Round

HEDG, an Egyptian Fintech Startup, Closes Six Figures in a New Pre-Seed Round

By Staff Writer, 02 September 2023

A six-figure pre-seed investment round has been secured by the Cairo-based fintech firm (HEDG) from Saudi and local investors, as reported on Wamda.

In July 2022, tech pioneers Ahmed Abdel Moaty and Ahmed Eraqi launched HEDG, which is expected to transform retirement planning for Egyptian private workers. 

HEDG is preparing to reinvent traditional retirement services with seamless digital experiences and customized retirement plans, supported by this sizeable investment. The focus of HEDG, which provides alternate channels for savings and investment, is on meeting the special needs of Egypt's micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). 

In a groundbreaking move, HEDG is poised to launch an innovative B2B module aimed at revolutionizing pension solutions for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established corporations. This initiative not only signifies HEDG's commitment to reshaping the fintech sector but also heralds a new era of financial inclusivity.

HEDG's progressive technological approach, unwavering dedication to revolutionizing retirement services, and strategic corporate alliances underscore its potential to redefine the financial landscape in the MENA region. With ongoing enhancements to its services and an expanding presence in Egypt, HEDG is on track to lead the way in fintech innovation, paving the path for the entire region.

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