Healthcare Enhancement Startup Rivia Expands Operations to Ghana

Healthcare Enhancement Startup Rivia Expands Operations to Ghana

By Staff Writer, 19 January 2024

Rivia, a startup dedicated to improving service quality in the healthcare sector through collaboration with clinics, has officially launched its operations in Ghana.

The startup, currently active in Ghana, has ambitious plans to extend its footprint to both West and East Africa.

Rivia specializes in partnering with clinics, providing comprehensive support in customer acquisition, financing, and technology to enhance patient service quality and expand the reach of their clientele.

Partner clinics benefit from a robust hospital management system that facilitates various tasks such as patient appointments and bookings, record-keeping, payment collection, as well as managing lab, pharmacy, and other administrative functions.

Additionally, Rivia extends financial assistance by offering loans to upgrade physical infrastructure and augment inventory for its partner clinics.

Founded by seasoned entrepreneur Isidore Kpotufe, who previously sold his startup, stabus, to the Nigerian mobility startup Treepz after successfully raising US$1.2 million, Rivia aims to address the growing concerns about trust in Africa's healthcare system.

Kpotufe emphasizes the importance of prioritizing patients and understanding their expectations to bring about meaningful change.

To strengthen its corporate governance, Rivia has welcomed Eric Osiakwan, managing partner of Chanzo Capital, to its board of directors.

Chanzo Capital is also taking the lead in a syndicate aimed at raising US$200,000 in pre-seed funding for Rivia.

The funds are earmarked for onboarding 10 clinics and providing essential support to help them scale their operations. The investment firm anticipates closing the funding round by the end of February.

Highlighting the immense healthcare needs in Africa, Osiakwan expresses confidence in Rivia's unique model as a promising solution to address the shortcomings of existing healthcare providers.

The startup's commitment to patient-centric solutions aligns with the critical need for a different and more effective approach in the African healthcare landscape.

Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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