Grintafy and Chiliz Join Forces to Transform Middle Eastern Football Landscape

Grintafy and Chiliz Join Forces to Transform Middle Eastern Football Landscape

By Press Release, 13 March 2024

Chiliz and Grintafy are delighted to announce a new agreement that will see the leading SportFi company known for its pioneering Chiliz Chain and platform become a strategic investor and partner in the premier career development platform for aspiring footballers in the Middle East. 

With almost 2 million users, Grintafy stands as the largest talent discovery platform in the Middle East and has already received substantial investment from state-owned Saudi Aramco Waed Ventures. It has formed partnerships with leading football organisations across the Middle East, alongside clubs in some of the world’s most prestigious leagues, including La Liga and the Premier League, as well as elite academies globally.

Awarded SportsTech Startup of the Year by Gitex, Grintafy will now benefit from Chiliz’s unique technological infrastructure, ecosystem, and expertise to facilitate its transition into Web3, using blockchain for various use cases such as player ratings, rankings, and performance certifications. 

Moreover, by gaining access to Chiliz's vast network of sporting and technology partners, Grintafy will not only amplify its platform but also contribute to the advancement of Saudi football internationally. Daniel Maglietta, football commercial director for Chiliz, will play a pivotal role as a key advisor to Grintafy in its internationalisation efforts. 

This collaboration will, therefore, open new opportunities for young Saudi athletes, fostering the game's evolution in the region with a philanthropic approach to nurturing future talent. 

The investment in Grintafy marks Chiliz's first foray into the rapidly evolving Saudi football scene as it launches operations in Riyadh to back football projects in line with Vision 2030’s tech-driven transformation goals. 

The move not only underscores the company’s commitment to Saudi football's growth and internationalisation but also aims to connect major European football teams with Saudi talent, highlighting the investment in local companies to foster industry opportunities. 

The agreement also promises reciprocal benefits for Chiliz's 60+ sporting partners, offering them Grintafy’s expertise, knowledge, and network within Saudi Arabia.

Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and, commented that, “this investment is a strategic move that brings value to both Grintafy and the Chiliz ecosystem, while also supporting the broader vision of Saudi football. Together, we aim to both support local talented players and global football powerhouses in their investments in the Kingdom. We want to be one of the digital bridges of Vision 2030, between Europe, South America, and Saudi Arabia.”

Majdi Allulu, Founder and CEO of Grintafy, commented, “In searching for our next investor/partner, we tried to be strategic, in that Grintafy seeks a company that has their vision aligned with ours. Chiliz is not just a leader in the sports web3 space, but it also shares our vision to change the game in the sports tech space and our commitment to support football's growth in the Middle East. That's why we are so happy with this strategic investment, which lays the foundations of a new vertical that will enable our dreamer with more tools and technologies to make it. We are incredibly excited to leverage the Chiliz network.”


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