Graze-it: Disrupting the Food Value Chain in MENA Through Agritech

Graze-it: Disrupting the Food Value Chain in MENA Through Agritech

By Staff Writer, 20 September 2023

Graze-it, an Emirati agritech company established in 2021, is addressing the significant food security challenges faced by the Middle East's agricultural industry, intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The region grapples with disruptions in supply chains, price fluctuations, and a shortage of agricultural inputs.

Graze-it aims to mitigate these issues by reducing dependence on imported feedstock and minimizing transportation costs.

They achieve this by cultivating sustainable animal feed directly at the consumer's location, resulting in a more than 35% reduction in overall carbon emissions per litre of milk produced.

The initiative was sparked by Alexandre Allegue, the CEO and Founder of Graze-it, who recognized the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industry and sought to address the Middle East's vulnerability to food security through innovative solutions.

Allegue then focused on providing affordable and sustainable animal feed to dairy companies in the Middle East.

His approach, called Graze-it, grows animal feed near the customers' locations, saving on import and transportation costs.

Partnering with major dairy brand Al Safi Danon in Saudi Arabia, Allegue plans to expand across the GCC in the next two years.

Graze-it operates on a subscription model, producing and supplying animal feed on a daily basis, thereby avoiding the need for companies to import and store feed for extended periods.

The animal feed is grown using hydroponic vertical farming and monitored using advanced technologies for optimal health and nutritional value.

The first facility in Saudi Arabia is set to be completed by the end of 2023.

Source: May El Habachi, StartupScene




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