GGTech Entertainment Unveils eWorlds - The Ultimate 3D Multiplayer Adventure Game

GGTech Entertainment Unveils eWorlds - The Ultimate 3D Multiplayer Adventure Game

By Press Release, 06 November 2023

GGTech Entertainment, the international gaming company has announced the launch of eWorlds, the new 3D multiplayer platform game with limitless adventures.

Designed and developed by GGTech Studios, it is a meeting point for players, where in a fun way they will be able to explore, compete, socialize and have fun with their friends through tons of personalized experiences that never stop evolving, so they never run out of new content.

For free and globally, eWorlds closed playtest has been available on Steam from October 26 for all those users who have included the game in their wish list and have requested access to it on the gaming platform. 

Game modes

eWorlds has thousands of stories to share with its community, with 3 different game modes where boredom has no place:

  • Adventure Mode — Exploration levels with mysterious caves or bubbling volcanos, each one full of amazing secrets, new environments, powerups, but also, dangerous enemies and cunning traps… beware!
  • Battle Mode — Players must fight against other players and reach the top of the rankings. Awaken your competitive side!
  • Race Mode — Levels where being fast is not enough! Players should study their moves, jump platforms and dodge traps to test their skills against the clock.

Technical details

eWorlds is a game developed with Unity Engine technology, one of the industry's standard engines that allows any interactive content to be created according to the creator's taste. The platform also offers the possibility of connecting to Twitch to generate engagement between streamers and their viewers, offering them unique rewards.

Users can access eWorlds from Steam, where they can find the game's page and install the application at any time.

eWorlds is a product of GGTech Studios, an internal division of GGTech Entertainment with a multidisciplinary team of more than 60 people, focused on technology and game development.

Juan Castillo, Chief Technical Officer of GGTech Entertainment, said: "Video games are evolving in an extraordinary way, offering gamers more immersive and collaborative experiences every day than ever before. Games like eWorlds, with their focus on social interaction and multiplayer fun, represent the forefront of this revolution. In an increasingly digitized world, these platforms not only entertain, but also connect people around the world, creating virtual communities and enabling a new form of exploration and creativity. Anticipating significant growth, the video games market in the UAE is projected to reach US$392.20 million in revenue by 2023. The future of digital entertainment is exciting and promises to continue to push the boundaries with each passing day."

eWorlds will be present at GAMERGY 2023

Fans attending the next edition of GAMERGY Spain 2023, which will take place between December 15 and 17 at IFEMA MADRID, will be able to visit a space dedicated to eWorlds, where they will learn firsthand all the details of the game and enjoy all the experiences the game has to offer.


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