Finnish Varjo Launches a Cutting-Edge Enterprise-Ready Mixed Reality Headset

Finnish Varjo Launches a Cutting-Edge Enterprise-Ready Mixed Reality Headset

By Staff Writer, 28 November 2023

Helsinki-based mixed-reality pioneer Varjo made waves on Monday with the launch of its latest innovation, the XR-4 headset, designed specifically for large enterprise firms.

Priced at $3,990, the XR-4 enters the market alongside offerings from tech giants Meta, Microsoft, and Apple.

This release comes at a time when major players in the tech industry are heavily investing in virtual and augmented reality, viewing it as the next transformative shift in technology, comparable to the advent of the internet or the mobile phone.

In contrast to consumer-focused products like those from Meta, Varjo's XR-4 headset is tailored for enterprise applications.

For instance, professionals such as pilots or surveyors can leverage the technology for virtual reality training simulations or mapping expansive construction sites.

Distinguishing itself from its predecessors, the XR-4 boasts two 4K displays and a 50% wider field of view.

Additionally, it features brighter displays and an expanded color palette, enhancing the user experience.

Patrick Wyatt, Varjo's Chief Product Officer, highlighted technical simplifications in the XR-4, such as a single screen per eye pushing resolution limits, reducing costs, and emphasizing scalability.

A notable feature of the XR-4 is its two 20-megapixel front cameras, enabling "pass-through mixed reality." This functionality, akin to Meta's offerings and Apple's Vision Pro plans, allows users to perceive their actual surroundings through embedded lenses, facilitating the overlay of digital objects onto the physical world.

The XR-4 is equipped with ambient light sensors, improved lidar (Light Detection and Ranging), and integrated speakers, providing users with a comprehensive mixed-reality experience.

The device also supports built-in 3D spatial audio, noise-canceling microphones, and Varjo's proprietary controllers for seamless navigation in both digital and physical environments.

The launch of the XR-4 comes amid announcements from U.S. tech giants Apple and Meta regarding their own mixed-reality headsets.

Meta released the Quest 3 in June, while Apple's anticipated $3,500 Vision Pro headset is slated for next year.

Varjo, having secured over $160 million in funding from investors including Apple supplier Foxconn, private equity firm EQT, Volvo, and venture capital firm Atomico, remains at the forefront of mixed-reality innovation.

The company, which did not disclose its valuation in its last funding round, raised $40 million from investors earlier this year.

Ryan Browne / CNBC

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