Fez Delivery Launches UK-Nigeria Shipping Service to Boost Cross-Border Operations

Fez Delivery Launches UK-Nigeria Shipping Service to Boost Cross-Border Operations

By Staff Writer, 04 December 2023

Nigerian last-mile delivery startup Fez Delivery has unveiled its UK-Nigeria shipping service to refine its operations and elevate its delivery services in the UK market.

Founded in 2018, Fez Delivery has successfully established a last-mile delivery platform aimed at bridging the gap between businesses and markets.

This recent development follows the startup's introduction of eco-friendly bikes and the launch of a new UK logistics hub, representing a significant milestone as Fez Delivery expands its digital footprint beyond borders.

With a strong emphasis on facilitating seamless cross-border shipping from the UK, the newly established logistics hub is poised to streamline delivery processes, enhance efficiency, and provide faster, more reliable services to customers.

Seun Alley, CEO and co-founder of Fez Delivery, expressed the significance of the expansion into the UK market, stating, “At Fez, our entry into the UK signifies a pivotal milestone in our commitment to revolutionize shipping. Strategic alliances with prominent local delivery firms, suppliers, and vendors in the UK have played a crucial role. These collaborations have not only fortified our supply chain but also extended our operational reach significantly.”

Alley added, “Through partnerships with established entities deeply rooted in the UK’s delivery landscape, we have gained invaluable insights and expertise. This empowerment has enabled us to enhance our service offerings and operational efficiency, ensuring that Fez continues to deliver seamless and reliable shipping solutions to our customers.”

The move is aligned with Fez Delivery's overarching goal to transform the delivery landscape and solidify its position as a key player in the cross-border shipping industry.

Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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