Ezdehar Secures $10 Million Stake in Yodawy, Propelling Growth in Egypt's Digital Health Landscape

Ezdehar Secures $10 Million Stake in Yodawy, Propelling Growth in Egypt's Digital Health Landscape

By Staff Writer, 18 January 2024

Egypt's Ezdehar, a leading direct investment fund management company, has successfully secured a minority stake in Yodawy, a prominent medical technology firm.

The deal, valued at $10 million, was executed through Ezdehar's Ezdehar 2 mid-cap fund.

Yodawy's CEO, Karim Khashaba, outlined the company's ambitious vision to establish a robust healthcare platform that addresses key challenges within the sector while solidifying its position in the digital health landscape of Egypt.

Khashaba highlighted Yodawy's collaborative efforts with insurance companies and healthcare service providers to enhance patient access and overall experience.

With an extensive network encompassing 35 health insurance and healthcare service companies, Yodawy holds contracts with over 800 entities, including 20 hospitals and 30 clinics.

Additionally, the company has established partnerships with 3,000 pharmacies, providing services for both chronic and non-chronic conditions across Egypt, successfully delivering over 6 million prescriptions since its inception.

The infusion of $10 million in investment from Ezdehar is poised to propel Yodawy's growth initiatives.

These include expanding its customer base, fortifying its technology-enabled prescription fulfillment capabilities, and creating additional value within the dynamic healthcare services market.

Amir El-Sharqy, General Manager of Ezdehar, commended Yodawy's innovative approach, stating, "Yodawy has identified and seized an untapped opportunity in the prescription and delivery sector and has created a model that has proven effective in serving patients and healthcare providers in the market."

Ezdehar's roster of investors features a distinguished group of international institutions, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, the BAE Group, the Netherlands Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund, and the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries.

Additionally, the investor pool includes Egyptian entities from the banking and investment sectors.

Source: Zawya

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