Exodigo Raises $75M, Revolutionizing Subterranean Mapping Solutions

Exodigo Raises $75M, Revolutionizing Subterranean Mapping Solutions

By Staff Writer, 28 February 2024

Israeli underground mapping firm, Exodigo, has successfully concluded a significant $75 million financing round, marking a milestone in its journey.

Founded by veterans of IDF units such as 8200 and 81, the company's roots lie in the problem-solving ethos cultivated during their military service, where they tackled security challenges including tunnel detection, alongside forays into medicine and construction.

At the helm of Exodigo are notable figures including CEO Jeremy Suard, CTO Ido Gonen, CBO Aurelia Setton, COO Tamir Cohen, VP R&D Oriel Halvani, VP product operations Ofri Lehmann, and VP software engineering Arie Abramovici.

The company's accolades speak volumes, with prestigious honors like the Israel Defense Prize, the Chief of Staff's Technology Prize, the State President's Prize for Excellence, and the Head of Military Intelligence's Prize, all commending their invaluable contributions to Israel's Defense Ministry.

Exodigo's core offering centers on its groundbreaking platform for underground mapping, penetrating depths of several meters.

Serving an array of clientele including residential, commercial, and infrastructure developers, as well as public transport, road construction, and energy companies, the technology targets the identification of subterranean obstacles prior to construction, streamlining processes and averting potential complications.

Employing innovative sensors that interface with drones, backpacks, or trailers deployed in the field, Exodigo harnesses vast amounts of data, exceeding 500 gigabytes per thousand square meters scanned.

This data is integrated into the company's proprietary online system, leveraging existing information such as satellite imagery and local authority maps, while advanced algorithms enhance the accuracy of underground infrastructure detection and classification, ensuring safer and more efficient construction practices.

Source: Assaf Gilead / Globes

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