Envision's Exclusive Breakthrough: Reviving Google Glass for the Visually Impaired

Envision's Exclusive Breakthrough: Reviving Google Glass for the Visually Impaired

By Staff Writer, 25 March 2024

Envision, a company specializing in developing hardware and software tools for the visually impaired, has breathed new life into the once-hyped Google Glass technology.

Karthik Kannan, Envision's founder and chief technology officer, revealed that the company secured a unique opportunity to directly market the glasses to consumers, thanks to a special exemption.

"We're the only company in the world today that's allowed to sell to the consumer directly, because you can't just buy these anywhere, you have to be a distributor," Kannan stated, highlighting the exclusivity of their position as distributors for the technology.

Envision's journey into the realm of smart glasses began in 2017, stemming from the success of their smartphone app, now known as Envision AI, which gained popularity in Amsterdam.

The app, utilizing a phone camera, assists visually impaired individuals by identifying and reading signs, objects, menus, books, and other materials in real-time, facilitating easier navigation of various situations.

Feedback from users of the free Envision app fueled the company's drive to enhance user experience, prompting them to seek a more streamlined and modern solution.

Kannan explained the desire to consolidate the app's best features into wearable technology, thus leading to the development of Envision Glasses.

The evolution of Envision's app, recognized with a Google Play Award for "best accessibility experience," paved the way for collaboration with Google.

This collaboration enabled Envision to integrate Google's technology into their Envision Glasses, resulting in a more sophisticated product.

Initially introduced in 2020, the Envision Glasses have undergone significant improvements in response to the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence technology.

Priced between $1,899 and $3,499, these glasses represent a groundbreaking innovation in aiding the visually impaired community.

Source: Cody Combs / The National

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