Enhancing Patient Care in UAE Using AI-Powered Diagnostics

Enhancing Patient Care in UAE Using AI-Powered Diagnostics

By Staff Writer, 19 October 2023

Aster DM Healthcare, a prominent healthcare entity, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Fujifilm, aimed at integrating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the healthcare landscape of the GCC region.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone, introducing cutting-edge AI solutions to bolster diagnostics, imaging, and radiology services in healthcare facilities across the region, as mentioned in Arabian Business.

The signing ceremony, which formalized the initial phase of this transformative partnership, saw the leadership teams from Aster DM Healthcare, Fujifilm, and One Health coming together.

The collaboration is set to revolutionize diagnostic radiology capabilities across Aster DM Healthcare facilities.

The Medcare Royal Hospital will be the first to witness the rollout of these AI-empowered technologies, followed by other hospitals within the Aster and Medcare network in the region.

The introduction of Fujifilm's latest AI-enabled technologies is focused on delivering precise and rapid diagnostics while upholding the highest standards of patient comfort and safety.

These technologies are expected to equip medical professionals with accurate information essential for optimal treatment.

Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare, expressed the commitment to embracing technological innovations that elevate patient care.

He emphasized that AI-powered diagnosis would significantly enhance healthcare outcomes and patient experiences.

Alisha Moopen, Deputy Managing Director at Aster DM Healthcare, noted that the integration of AI technology into diagnostics and radiology solutions aligns seamlessly with their patient-centric approach.

This integration is expected to streamline processes and prioritize patient comfort throughout.

The AI-enabled systems are set to augment Aster's MRI services, introducing advanced Cardiac MR that shortens examination times through the latest fast imaging techniques.

Additionally, CT scans will become more patient-friendly with the utilization of low-dose techniques.

Michio Kondo, Managing Director at Fujifilm Middle East and Africa, expressed delight in witnessing the adoption of their state-of-the-art Japanese technology within the Aster DM Healthcare network.

He emphasized the potential of these installations, coupled with Aster DM Healthcare, to elevate regional patient care expectations and standards, all while incorporating ecologically friendly technologies.

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