Endeavor Egypt and GIZ Egypt Launch XceleRise to Support CleanTech Startups

Endeavor Egypt and GIZ Egypt Launch XceleRise to Support CleanTech Startups

By Press Release, 25 August 2023

On behalf of the German government, Endeavor Egypt and GIZ Egypt are launching a unique Scale-up program, aimed at helping all entrepreneurs who support sustainability to gain access to funding and expand their markets.

This 15-month program is specifically designed to provide ambitious entrepreneurs with subject-matter expertise, market insights, and priceless connections needed to expand their businesses globally and secure funding.

Entrepreneurs have a special opportunity to connect with Endeavor's global network of mentors, investors, and top industry experts through the Endeavor Egypt Scale-up Program, XceleRise. Participants will acquire the skills and knowledge essential to successfully manage the challenges of global expansion and maximize their growth potential by utilizing the knowledge and direction of these important professionals.

Key features of the program include: 

1. Fundraising Strategies and Introductions: Participants will learn best practices for effective fundraising and gain access to potential investors through strategic introductions facilitated by the program. 

2. Market Expansion Guidelines and Visit: Entrepreneurs will receive comprehensive guidelines on market expansion, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their entry into new markets. Additionally, selected participants will have the opportunity to embark on a country visit to explore market opportunities firsthand. 

3. Networking and Stakeholder Engagement: The program fosters networking opportunities, allowing entrepreneurs to connect with key stakeholders, industry leaders, and like-minded peers who share a passion for innovation and growth. 

Highlighted sectors for the program include: 

● Green Buildings 

● Waste Management 

● Renewable Energy 

● Sustainable Transport 

● Agriculture and Water Management

Additionally, XceleRise places significant attention on assisting businesses that promote the growth of competitive businesses and the development of new jobs, particularly in ecologically significant fields. These industries include those that support just supply chains and the sustainable transformation of global supply chains, such as fintech, edtech, and healthtech firms.

To be eligible for the program, startups should meet the following criteria: 

● Generate a minimum of $250,000 (EGP 8M-10M) in revenues annually. 

● Have a minimum of 10+ employees. 

● Be actively seeking international expansion opportunities within the MEA region.

● Be looking to raise capital. 

● Operate within the green and green-tech sectors.


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