Electric Headset Trial Shows Promise as Depression Treatment

Electric Headset Trial Shows Promise as Depression Treatment

By Staff Writer, 10 June 2024

A recent NHS trial has highlighted the potential of an electric headset as a treatment for depression, recommending its broader use within the health service. Developed by Flow Neuroscience, this non-invasive device has shown promising results in reducing symptoms of depression.

Patients participating in the trial were instructed to wear the headset for 30 minutes daily over six weeks. The device uses transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to deliver a mild electrical current to the brain's frontal regions, which are associated with emotional regulation.

The study revealed that 58% of participants experienced significant improvements in their symptoms, and one-third achieved complete remission. Flow Neuroscience claims this headset is the first medically approved at-home treatment for depression, which can be combined with other therapies, such as medication and talk therapy.

Despite these positive outcomes, the long-term benefits of the headset remain uncertain. While the device was tested by the Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust, it is also available for private purchase at £399.

Source: Annie Butterworth / Sky News

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