Egypt's E-Payment Evolution: Fawry and MoneyHash Announce Strategic Partnership

Egypt's E-Payment Evolution: Fawry and MoneyHash Announce Strategic Partnership

By Staff Writer, 09 November 2023

Fawry for Banking Technology and Electronic Payment (FWRY) has forged a strategic partnership with Egypt's all-in-one flexible payments platform, MoneyHash.

The collaboration, as announced in a press release, aims to spearhead the adoption of electronic payments in Egypt.This cooperative effort is set to empower retailers with a range of tools and capabilities to ramp up their marketing strategies, effectively target their clientele, combat e-payment fraud, and elevate the overall customer experience in the realm of electronic payments.

The partnership will also streamline payment processes, making transactions smoother and more secure for users.

One significant aspect of this alliance is the provision of top-notch technical support services, thanks to a dedicated team of experts in the field.

Egypt's E-Payment Evolution for Secure Transactions

This move is anticipated to ensure seamless and hassle-free adoption of e-payment solutions by businesses and customers alike.

Additionally, as part of this deal, users are in for an extra perk.

They will have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive discounts when utilizing Fawry's electronic payment channels through the MoneyHash platform.

This bonus incentive is expected to encourage more individuals to embrace the convenience and benefits of e-payments in their daily transactions.

With Fawry and MoneyHash teaming up, Egypt's e-payment landscape is poised for a transformation that will make electronic payments more accessible and attractive to businesses and consumers alike.

Source: Zawya

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