Egyptian Startup TradeHub Unveils Digital Platform to Boost Exports and Trade Operations

Egyptian Startup TradeHub Unveils Digital Platform to Boost Exports and Trade Operations

By Staff Writer, 02 January 2024

TradeHub, an innovative Egyptian startup, has recently rolled out a specialized digital platform designed to enhance exports, streamline trade operations, and assist local manufacturers in gaining access to both domestic and international markets.

The brainchild of Ahmed Gaber, previously recognized for his entrepreneurial success with ventures like Bosta, and Ahmed Atef, a former software engineer at Meta, TradeHub offers a comprehensive suite of solutions. These solutions aim to revolutionize the interactions between manufacturers and various stakeholders, including traders and project owners.

Central to TradeHub's functionality is its feature that allows manufacturers to create dedicated factory pages. On these pages, manufacturers can showcase their facilities and products using images, providing potential buyers with an easily accessible directory of local manufacturing options. Moreover, the platform facilitates communication by enabling buyers to request price quotes, initiate tenders, and engage in real-time chats with manufacturers.

Commenting on the initiative, the founders emphasized their commitment to addressing pressing challenges within the local community. "As entrepreneurs, it's incumbent upon us to devise solutions for the significant challenges facing our community, notably the promotion of local products and expanding export opportunities," they stated.

Highlighting the persistent gaps in the industry, the founders observed that conventional methods, such as brokers and trade fairs, continue to dominate the landscape. "Despite the passage of time, traditional approaches remain largely unchanged. At TradeHub, we envision a paradigm shift in trade operations. Our objective is to empower 10,000 manufacturing companies by the close of 2024, streamlining and simplifying trade processes for all," they added.

Currently, access to the TradeHub platform is exclusive to a select group of manufacturers. However, the founders have extended an invitation to interested manufacturers and traders to join a waiting list for future access by registering on the platform's website.

Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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