Brazilian Firm EB Capital Seeks to Form $600 Million Fund from Saudi Investors

Brazilian Firm EB Capital Seeks to Form $600 Million Fund from Saudi Investors

By Staff Writer, 06 June 2024

Brazilian investment firm EB Capital Gestao de Recursos Ltda, supported by Marcelo Claure, intends to form a $600 million fund to boost South America's climate and energy sector.

The fund, headquartered in São Paulo, manages around $1 billion in assets and aims to attract significant institutional investors and sovereign funds from throughout the world.

The talks are consistent with Saudi Arabia's goal of diversifying its oil-dependent economy, reducing carbon emissions, and ensuring food and commodity supply.

The Latin American country is also aiming to raise funds for energy transition initiatives and agricultural projects.

The fund's portfolio consists of 16 firms, including a fiber optics company, a recycling firm, education platforms, and Bioo, which converts agricultural and industrial waste into biofuel.

Source: Arab News

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