Dubai-based Supy Unveils Innovative Inventory Management Platform to Drive Growth in MENA's Hospitality Sector

By Staff Writer, 10 July 2023

Photo: Dani El-Zein, CEO and co-founder of Supy. Source: Supy

Dubai-based startup Supy, known for streamlining restaurant procurement, has unveiled its state-of-the-art "back-of-house" platform, aiming to transform inventory management in MENA's thriving $300 billion hospitality sector. The innovative system addresses the challenges faced by the food and beverage industry by reducing costs, eliminating wastage, and providing real-time, data-driven insights. Supy's platform empowers businesses to optimize operations, maximize profitability, and prioritize environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, particularly through food waste reduction.

Dani El-Zein, CEO and co-founder of Supy, expressed enthusiasm for the launch, recognizing the significant challenges restaurants face in a post-COVID world. El-Zein emphasized the company's dedication to creating solutions that streamline operations, optimize resources, and enhance profitability for hospitality businesses.

Supy's transition into a comprehensive platform represents a major milestone in its mission to empower restaurants and support the success and sustainability of the industry. Since its launch earlier this year, the platform has garnered overwhelming demand, with prominent restaurants such as Akibadori, Sucre, Clap, B018, Tashas Cafe, Pinza, Coya, and Eleven Green subscribing to the service. Notably, Supy's platform's sustainability features have also attracted subscribers who value ESG performance.

Tamer El Khayat, CEO at KCG and Managing Partner at Pinza! and FIYA, shared their positive experience with Supy's inventory management system, highlighting significant cost reductions and enhanced profitability through informed decision-making enabled by the platform's intuitive features and real-time analytics.

In the face of post-COVID challenges, including increased competition, reliance on delivery aggregators, and rising supplier costs, the hospitality industry seeks innovative solutions to regain control and enhance operational efficiency. Supy's intelligent inventory management platform equips restaurateurs with the necessary tools to streamline operations, optimize resources, and maximize profitability. The system allows for tracking stock movements, implementing controls, reducing theft, and gaining real-time insights into menu profitability, leading to substantial cost savings and increased profits.

As the first and leading inventory management platform in the MENA region, Supy stands out with its competitive advantages. With customizable features, Supy seamlessly aligns with operational requirements. The platform caters to larger hospitality businesses, chains, and fine dining restaurants, consolidating essential elements in a centralized repository and enabling meticulous tracking of COGS across multiple inventories. Standalone establishments, casual dining venues, and cafes have benefited from Supy's professional services, resulting in immediate cost reductions, with some restaurants cutting expenses in half.


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