Digikhata and EdfaPay Unite to Revolutionize Fintech Landscape in Pakistan

Digikhata and EdfaPay Unite to Revolutionize Fintech Landscape in Pakistan

By Press Release, 15 March 2024

EdfaPay, a Saudi-based prominent player in the fintech sector, unveils its ambitious plan to extend its financial technology services globally by joining forces with Digikhata in Pakistan. This partnership signifies a strategic move aimed at enhancing competitiveness and elevating the standards of fintech services in the region.

As a leading entity in fintech, both domestically and internationally, EdfaPay's collaboration with Digikhata holds immense significance. It presents an opportunity to introduce cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, reinforcing Digikhata's technological infrastructure while ensuring customers receive unparalleled service quality.

Ghormallah Alghamdi, CEO and Founder of EdfaPay, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: "Our collaboration with Digikhata, a prominent financial firm in Pakistan, underscores our dedication to delivering superior financial technology and empowering businesses to thrive. We are excited to collaborate with Digikhata and introduce advanced technology to fuel their success in Pakistan.

Nedal Sabah, CTO and Founder of Technology at EdfaPay, echoed this sentiment, saying: "We are fully committed to supporting our partners at Digikhata in every possible manner, aiming for mutually beneficial success that enhances their position in the fintech market."

In addition to this strategic collaboration, the partnership between EdfaPay and Digikhata is set to provide soft-POS solutions to over 100,000 merchants in Pakistan. This initiative will revolutionize payment systems, offering convenience and flexibility to merchants across various sectors.

This strategic alliance brings numerous benefits, including the introduction of innovative technology solutions and an elevation in the quality of financial services available in Pakistan. It is poised to intensify competition and enrich the technological landscape within the region's fintech industry.

The collaboration between EdfaPay and Digikhata exemplifies EdfaPay's vision of forging robust strategic alliances that foster enduring collaboration and advancement within the fintech sector around the world.


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